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  • In the past couple months, the word rape has been hijacked and WHY… because the “women belong in the kitchen campaigners” feel so emboldened as to outright state that those who report rape are often faking and that pregnancy never occurs as a result of rape. It’s hard for me to stand up publicly and [...]

  • Maya, I agree with the views expressed in your original post. When the sportscaster referred to youngsters starting to practice playing football with dad in hopes of “getting a good looking woman” he wasn’t taking into account the youngsters intelligence, capacity for empathy, or aesthetic qualities… he was only taking into account that they might [...]

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    I am new to feministing and I found the response to the OP disheartening. Part of my call to feminism was watching the harmful marginalization of women by other women. The response posted on the other blog was condescending and the responders misdefinition of terms the OP used, as demostrated in the response’s comments (ie [...]

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