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  • Cosoa commented on the blog post Is changing your name when you get married ever a feminist move?   3 years, 9 months ago · View

    Story time! My father was giving me a lecture on not taking my fiance’s last name, because, as he said, he thought I was too modern and independent for that. I happily informed him that my partner and I had come to the decision, when we eventually marry (cohabiting for 5 years and counting), to [...]

  • Cosoa commented on the blog post Ideal, perfect, just what it’s meant to be   3 years, 9 months ago · View

    I became involved in the fat acceptance movement after I lost weight. It sickened me to see how much better everyone treated me for shrinking down to an acceptable size. The difference was drastic, like night and day. It was totally messed up, totally unfair. Of course, it’s hard to undo all that social programming when [...]

  • Cosoa commented on the blog post Democrats strike “gay and lesbian” from platform   3 years, 9 months ago · View

    Plenty of democrats have. In my state we only had one D candidate that openly supported gay rights, and some who openly opposed equal marriage as a way of courting swing votes. It’s not unreasonable to interpret this as a sign of political abandonment.

  • Cosoa commented on the blog post New study: Lesbian households produce a child abuse rate of 0%   3 years, 9 months ago · View

    All we know is that 2.8% of the kids admitted to being gay (most people don’t come out until after highschool, if I recall correctly). If you believe sexual orientation is biological, there’s no logical reason being raised by lesbians would have any effect on an individual’s sexuality, other than perhaps making it easier to come [...]

  • Cosoa commented on the blog post The Manliest Movie Ever Made!   4 years ago · View

    I remember growing up thinking men were always the default, and feeling wistful that I could never be the main character of a movie like that. It made me sad then; it makes me far sadder now, thinking of how much of that message I have permanently internalized.

  • Cosoa commented on the blog post Queer Film Review: The Kids Are All Right   4 years ago · View

    This movie was really good, and I ended up both liking and disliking all the characters for various reasons (except Ruffalo’s girlfriend in the beginning – I just flat out loved her). They all seemed very complex and flawed. I thought the scene with the gardener was a good example of not-so-subtle suburban racism, manifested [...]

  • Cosoa commented on the blog post Comics, gaming and rape   4 years ago · View

    Good post! I’m a female D&D player and illustrator who’s been trying to break into the fantasy business in hopes of creating a new dialogue about female characters. I’d like to work to change the industry for the better, because the game has been an incredibly positive force in my life, and has real potential [...]

  • Cosoa commented on the blog post What We Missed: Gender Policing, Prop 8 and more   4 years ago · View

    The comments on that first Shiloh link are deplorable. I seriously don’t understand how so many people can be so vicious and ignorant…not to mention the menacing depravity behind that font choice.

    (first feministing comment, yay!)

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