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  • I have an idea (and it might be a bad one, but I’ll say it anyway), since anti-choicers get to protest outside of Planned Parenthoods and abortion clinics, why aren’t there pro-choicers protesting outside of “pregnancy crisis centers”? Instead of passing judgement and harassment to those going to the center, we would educate them on [...]

  • Colleen wrote a new blog post: Kick her while she’s down, why don’t you.   3 years, 7 months ago · View

    This article enrages me, and not because I give a damn about Rihanna being a role model – because I really could care less. No, it’s how the author chooses to express this opinion that really upsets me. While Mark Harris seems to (kinda?) say he *isn’t* victim-blaming (I think? I’m actually not sure if he [...]

  • Colleen commented on the blog post I like it when you pick up your purse and do something.   3 years, 11 months ago · View

    I received an idiotic group message on facebook immediately after reading this that requested me to post my answer to that ridiculous question. I responded by asking how purses are relevant to breast cancer, and politely suggesting we answer the “Where/when do you self-exam” question. Here’s hoping I get an intelligent response from someone.

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