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About Me

Camille Morgenstern has been told more than once that she is loud. This has never really offended her, even if it was meant as obviously critical.

Growing up in a Brazilian-Italian family, her most vivid memories are of lingering at the dinner table, where conversations stretched over every subject, conjured up an incredible range of emotions, and reached terrifying volumes. Early on, her husband was convinced his wife’s family was always fighting, because of the loud, passionate conversations that were often enhanced by aggressive hand gestures. That was only sometimes the case.

Camille discovered her true soul while studying sociology at the University of Vermont. As a student she focused on issues in pop culture, sexism, and emotional behavior. Her studies enraged, inspired, and changed her for good. These studies continue as she learns from her friends and our ever-changing society.

When trying to give her brain a break, Camille enjoys watching shows and movies that someone actually took the time to properly write. She also loves cooking, eating and drinking wine. You can always win her over with any combination of life’s three wonderful C’s – Cheese, Chocolate and Champagne.

Camille currently lives and loves in San Francisco

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