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  • Chloe wrote a new blog post: Quick Hit: The Rainbow Letters   1 day, 22 hours ago · View

    ThumbnailRemember Zach Wahls? He’s the young man who, in 2011, stood up at an Iowa House of Representatives hearing to testify against amending the state constitution. The proposed amendment would have made same sex marriage, once again, illegal in the Hawkeye State. Of course you remember him, because you probably remember tearing up while watching this [...]

  • Chloe wrote a new blog post: Guest post: What is it with witches?   2 days, 22 hours ago · View

    ThumbnailThis is a guest post co-written by Dannielle Miller and Nina Funnell. Miller is co-founder and CEO of Australia’s largest provider of workshops that empower teen girls,   Enlighten Education . She is also author of  The Butterfly Effect: A Positive New Approach to Raising Happy, Confident Teen Girls , and  The Girl With The Butterfly Tattoo: A Girl’s Guide to Claiming [...]

  • Thumbnail ( Image via ) One Australian state is considering legislation that would allow police to wear body mounted cameras when entering domestic violence scenes, and allowing for the use of the recordings they collect in court proceedings. New South Wales – the most populous state in the nation – is the first to consider this kind of legislation, under [...]

  • Thumbnail (Maps courtesy of Vocativ) Vocativ and the National Center for Transgender Equality have put together this handy — somewhat horrifying — map series about the state of transgender rights in the US, state by state.  They picked five policy categories, “five key, measurable areas that provide an overview of the state of transgender rights in the United [...]

  • Thumbnail The first time I was ever sexually harassed on the job, it was while waiting tables. The second, third, fourth, and fifth times I was sexually harassed on the job, it was while waiting tables. The first time, I reported it to my boss, but it happened so often that I stopped telling her about [...]

  • Chloe wrote a new blog post: Stat of the day: 1 in 6 Australians thinks “no” means “yes”   1 month, 2 weeks ago · View

    ThumbnailA new national study of over 17, 000 people found that 1 in 6 of my fellow Australians believes that, when it comes to sex, when women say “no,” they sometimes mean “yes.” The numbers in this survey are really fucking grim, and what’s more depressing is that the views on sexual and domestic violence have [...]

  • Chloe wrote a new blog post: The Wednesday Weigh-In: Self-care Edition   1 month, 3 weeks ago · View

    ThumbnailIt has been, to put it lightly, a rough news week. It has been, to put it beyond lightly, a rough news summer. As we roll into fall, the load doesn’t seem likely to lighten. In her column this week at On Being , Feministing Editor Emeritus Courtney Martin asks how consumers of the news who care deeply [...]

  • Chloe wrote a new blog post: Wednesday morning Fox News feminism drinking game!   1 month, 4 weeks ago · View

    Thumbnail“Women want less government in their lives. They want to make their own decisions. They want freedom to choose for their children, their families. That’s what women really want.” You are so spot on, Morgan Brittany. I can’t wait to see you next weekend outside an abortion clinic, escorting patients inside so they can obtain safe, [...]

  • Chloe wrote a new blog post: Thank You Wednesday: The writers and readers of Feministing   2 months ago · View

    ThumbnailI couldn’t wait until tomorrow and make it a Thank You Thursday. I am full to bursting with gratitude, and it could cause me serious bodily harm if I were to keep it in for an extra day just for the sake of alliteration. More than four years ago, at the 2010 Feministing annual retreat – [...]

  • Chloe wrote a new blog post: Feministing Jamz: Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off”   2 months, 1 week ago · View

    Thumbnail If you spend most of your social media time on Twitter, your feed is probably mostly about what’s happening in Ferguson, MO, right now. If you spend most of your social media time on Facebook, however, it’s probably light on the racialized state violence and suppression of journalism, and heavy on the NEW TAYLOR SWIFT SINGLE [...]

  • Thumbnail So, I’m all about that bass. I cannot stop listening to this song. It’s a perfect song for bouncing down the street in a pair of great shoes and sunnies and feeling a little bit invincible. You can’t not dance to this song. But — and when you’re a feminist consuming popular culture, there’s always [...]

  • Chloe wrote a new blog post: Daily Feminist Cheat Sheet   9 months ago · View

    At The Prospect , our own Alexandra was interviewed about what has to happen for the new White House task force on sexual violence on college campuses to make a real difference. Our own Lori spoke at Yale yesterday! Here’s the recap from the Yale Daily New s. How to write about transgender people . No excuses for not pronouncing Lupita Nyong’o's name [...]

  • Chloe wrote a new blog post: Daily Feminist Cheat Sheet   9 months ago · View

    By Chloe and Sesali What’s that? You don’t love the adorable multiracial Cheerios family because you’re racist ? Too bad, because Cheerios is bringing them back for the Super Bowl. A very smart take on Richard Sherman, “thugs,” and intersectionality. Will Congress cut another $8.7 billion from food stamps for no good reason? What else did Obama leave out of the State [...]

  • ThumbnailDon’t miss this utterly gorgeous piece from friend of the site Jamia Wilson, at Rookie. It’s about how her experience as Black woman with a disability – she was born legally blind in one eye – have shaped her understanding of what it means to conform to and defy expectations:

    I was supported and cared for at home, [...]

  • Chloe wrote a new blog post: Quote of the Day: State of the Union edition   9 months ago · View

    Thumbnail The Vice President makes our #SOTU drinking games so easy for us “Today, women make up about half our workforce. But they still make 77 cents for every dollar a man earns. That is wrong, and in 2014, it’s an embarrassment. A woman deserves equal pay for equal work. She deserves to have a baby without sacrificing [...]

  • Thumbnail*Trigger warning* Not a word. Lots of words about the armed forces. Several words about the need to keep our deployed troops as safe as possible and to keep our promises to our deployed troops. Here’s the bulk of what President Obama said: As this time of war draws to a close, a new generation of heroes returns [...]

  • Chloe wrote a new blog post: Daily Feminist Cheat Sheet: Roe v Wade anniversary edition   9 months, 1 week ago · View

    By Chloe and Sesali You must read Andrea Grimes’s amazing article about how damn hard it now is to get an abortion in Texas , and then watch this video about Nuestro Texas, and how they’re fighting to keep abortion accessible for the people of the Rio Grande Valley. What kinds of stories are we telling about abortion? At [...]

  • Chloe wrote a new blog post: Happy 41st birthday, Roe v Wade!   9 months, 1 week ago · View

    ThumbnailToday is the 41st anniversary of the Supreme Court ruling in Roe v Wade , which declared that Americans have a right to privacy that protects the right to have an abortion, under limited circumstances. In recent years, that right has increasingly become a privilege, with Republicans doing everything they can to chip away at access to reproductive [...]

  • Chloe wrote a new blog post: Today in shitty treatment of women athletes   9 months, 1 week ago · View

    Thumbnail Canadian tennis player Eugenie Bouchard just became the first woman from her country to advance to the semis of the Australian Open in over three decades. Way to go, Eugenie! What do you want to know about her history-making game? How she prepped before facing Ana Ivanovic? What she thinks put her over the edge [...]

  • Thumbnail Last year, only 17% of attendees at the World Economic Forum’s annual conference at Davos were women. This year, it’s 15% . It’s basically a game of Where’s Waldo, except imagine that Waldo represents over half of the world’s population, is trying to shape policy that will affect the world’s entire population, and is wearing a pantsuit [...]

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