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  • I believe there is a crucial difference between vandalizing a billboard for say a store and vandalizing an African American Cultural Center of a University. The cultural center stands for a whole group of people. It symbolizes African Americans. Spray painting “Long Live Zimmerman” on such building is a slap in the face to the [...]

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    “If that isn’t a reproductive rights issue — if that isn’t about “my body, my choice” — then I don’t know what is.” This quote says it perfectly. YOUR body, YOUR choice. It don’t matter what body you have. All that matters is that it belongs to YOU and you are entitled to have rights [...]

  • Mitt Romney can’t hold in his views on women and equal pay for too long… They’ll eventually come out and probably not at the appropriate time. It sickens me the number of women who do not understand the severity of this. I have friends, who don’t have that much knowledge about the current presidential election, [...]

  • Chelsea commented on the blog post Beyonce writes open letter to Michelle Obama   2 years, 6 months ago · View

    I believe Michelle Obama is a GREAT role model for, but not limited to, African American women. She is a role model for women of all races. She is breaking the mold and opening up closed doors for all women and women who will take her position. Even a small thing such as her attire. [...]

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