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  • I debated writing this comment for fear that I will get backlash from this community, which I highly respect. But I feel like we should talk about this, and if you don’t revoke my membership and let my comment through moderation, we can have an open and honest discussion. I was traveling when Trayvon Martin [...]

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    Maybe some of you can help me with this: I think what Bei Bei did was wrong. From the story, she attempted to kill herself and her most likely viable fetus in revenge. I support late-term abortion but is this really the same? Would she have done the same thing if the baby had already [...]

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    According to BYU’s website, inappropriate attire is this: Dresses or skirts with slits above the knee Tight clothing and leggings, if leggings are not covered by clothes (dresses, shorts and skirts which cover the knees or lower.) The no-bra look Any sleeveless clothing which exposes the underarm and midriff Low-cut necklines, or clothing that is [...]

  • Cayce Arnett commented on the blog post No-duh contraception reminder of the day: Birth control costs money   2 years, 8 months ago · View

    I’ve been living in South Korea for the past two years, and I’m on my way home in a week. Here, I’m able to get birth control for about $6.50 over the counter at the pharmacies, and without doctors visits. In the U.S., I was paying $26 dollars a month through Planned Parenthood along with [...]

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    This is weird…and gross. I wonder who exactly is sitting at that table discussing new ad campaigns and who thought this one was a great idea. It’s completely distracting from their message.

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