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  • Catie wrote a new blog post: No Means No…but does it? Really?   1 year ago · View

    Trigger Warning As children of the 20 th century, we have had the phrase “no means no” pounded into our heads since at least 5 th grade. Before then, we learned about “good touches and bad touches” and to go to a responsible adult if something inappropriate happened. And I’m fairly certain we all thought we knew what [...]

  • Catie commented on the blog post Title IX and College Assaults   1 year ago · View

    Thank you. The wrench in all of that was that we had freshman orientation and a whole day of assault awareness, advocacy, who to contact etc. So the school had the logistics down, they just didn’t have the actual ability to put their words into action.

  • Catie wrote a new blog post: Title IX and College Assaults   1 year ago · View

    (Trigger Warning) I recently got involved with the title IX movement that is making its way across headlines in the U.S. regarding college campuses, sexual assaults, rapes and how those schools are completely disregarding the physical and emotional well being of survivors. I am a survivor. I was assaulted my freshman year at a frat party, [...]

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