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  • There’s a legitimate point about what stories get made there, though I don’t really think it applies to “Schindler’s List” at all — Schindler was white, sure, but so were the people he saved (they weren’t considered white at the time by a lot of people, mind you, but they are in the eyes of [...]

  • “Introducing Dorothy Dandridge” was an HBO TV movie, not a theatrical release, and thus was not eligible for the Academy Awards. And Berry won the Emmy, the Golden Globe, and the SAG for it in the TV movie categories, so it hardly went unnoticed. As for “Django”, Django and Schultz are co-leads for most of [...]

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    What I do find problematic, however, is to focus a critique of excessive consumption to a genre both created and currently dominated by black Americans, particularly when the vast majority of excess consumption is done by white people – not to mention the fact that black people bear the brunt of the ill effects of wealth [...]

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    I don’t agree with this assessment. You ask why she’s discussing aspects of consumption that are heavily associated with hip-hop instead of “golf or polo or Central Park East”, but I would think that would be obvious from the lyric “but every song’s like”. The song is mainly a critique of music culture. Nobody writes [...]

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