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  • Caitlin Ryan commented on the blog post Mounting Evidence that BirthorNot.com is an Anti-Choice Stunt   3 years, 11 months ago · View

    this makes me ashamed to live in minnesota. i live in minneapolis, the liberal mecca of the midwest, and i often forget that people like this live in this state. then again… central MN did manage to vote in michelle bachmann AGAIN… that said, this is disgusting. its as transparent as can be. pictures of [...]

  • i am truly terrified for the women of Colorado first, and our nation second. this would set a terrible precedence across the country, its a scary line to cross. the link attached that directed to rachel maddows response was brilliant. she brought up the point “what happens if you miscarry, is that involuntary manslaughter?”. (i [...]

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