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    Amazing Spider Man Supervising Art Director Sexual Battery, Libel Case
    Amazing Spider Man Supervising Art Director David Klassen in Lengthy Legal Battle with Transgender Singer

    In June 2010, Brooke Skiles aka transgender singer Bralalalala, filed a police report alleging forced oral copulation by Amazing Spider Man supervising art director David Klassen in his home just a few days prior. Since that time Klassen and the singer have been in a legal battle that does not have an end in sight. First, Klassen was criminally investigated, during which time, the alleged libel site about Bralalalala was created by Yolanda Marsili, the girlfriend co-defendant of Klassen in the case. to portray the singer as the real criminal. The case against Klassen was forwarded to the District Attorney’s office twice but stalled there. Marsili had initially interacted with the singer after she corresponded to Marsili’s, ”strictly platonic,” craigslist posting. Bralalalala offered Marsili her personal MySpace link and was thus invited to a dance among friends to discuss professional relations.
    In November 2010, Skiles filed for a temporary restraining order on the wesbite made about her, claiming it was wrongly disabling her ability to find work in the entertainment business and elsewhere, and that she was again being victimized. Klassen said in his sworn statement answer to the TRO request, that he ”needed to remove the MySpace page of Bralalalala,” through his contacts, among other weblinks of hers, which were posting things about him. He claimed therein that he agreed with the contents of the alleged libel website created by his girlfriend Marsili.
    In May 2011, Skiles filed a lawsuit alleging sexual battery, libel and intentional infliction of emotional distress against Klassen and Marsili. Klassen and Marsili countersued alleging extortion as to the immediate filing and malicious prosecution as the TRO request and police report. Klassen and Marsili named three cross defendants but only served Skiles. Skiles demurred to the cross complaint. The judge sustained the demurrer without leave to amend as regards the extortion charge. Skiles has a hearing for a summary judgment set for September 7, 2012 as to the malicious prosecution allegation. Klassen thereafter offered a one dollar settlement offer as to the cross complaint against Bralalalala. Bralalalala rejected the offer. In December 2011, Klassen filed for a protective order to block all police evidence in the case. His request was denied. Trial dates were vacated when both parties alleged the other side was uncooperative in discovery. The case was moved to another courtroom inside the Santa Ana Courthouse at that time, in January 2012.
    Skiles recently retained attorney Jeffrey Schwartz of San Clemente, Ca. to relieve her as in pro per counsel. The case continues to plod through a large menu of discovery motions on file with the court, including motions to compel Klassen to appear at his videotaped deposition, motions to compel answers of Klassen as to interrogatories and to deem request for admissions admitted. Skiles was ordered to attend a videotaped deposition set for June 28, 2012. .

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    Spider Man Art Director Sexual Assault Charge

    Spider Man Art Director and past Emmy nominee David Klassen has been charged with sexual assault by Newport Beach police after an incident occured wherein Klassen’s “girlfriend,” lured transgender rock singer Bralalalala into her home on a “Strictly platonic” stated basis to meet with friends (she had made a Craigslist posting seeking [...]
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