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  • black south commented on the blog post True Blood Rolling Stone Cover- Possible Interpretations   3 years, 12 months ago · View

    You’re right. Let me correct myself and say that of course the blood has symbolism behind it. Vampire fic is pretty all like that. But it can be many things, menstruation, sacrifice, etc. I guess the rule of ‘Whatever the message you get from it is the right one’ is true for this too.

  • black south commented on the blog post Bill Binnie, New Hampshire Bigot for Senator   4 years ago · View

    There’s a difference between cultural pride and nationalism. To ask citizens to give up the nationality of their previous homelands is not weird by international standards, nor should it be. And I don’t think there’s anything particularly wrong with asking immigrants to forgot their previous allegiances, to learn English, or anything else we can think [...]

  • black south commented on the blog post True Blood Rolling Stone Cover- Possible Interpretations   4 years ago · View

    It’s two naked vampires and a ‘human’ covered in blood. The show is bloody (good ;) ) and filled with sex. A lot more blood and sex than what’s on this cover. So it’s nothing deeper than that, I think, other than them taming the cover down for supermarket aisles. To say the cover is [...]

  • black south commented on the blog post Rape Victim Used as “Bait”   4 years ago · View

    Yeah, and what the hell gave the Principle and his staff the idea that they had the right to set the victim up as bait? Usually I am careful about schools being sued, since that’s the taxpayer’s paying for the wrongdoing, not the faculty, but here an example has to be set for every school [...]

  • black south commented on the blog post Rape Victim Used as “Bait”   4 years ago · View

    Please don’t post a link to your blog, especially when it’s the only link you have, here, since it’s a private blog. Your last post had the same invited readers only link.

  • I think it’s a bit unfair to put Edgar Wright up there, when considering that Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg, and Nick Frost also worked on Spaced together, and probably sold the movie as a package, with all three. Quite obvious that they like working together. I never actually got that deep into Spaced (will watch [...]

  • I think ROSE’s main point was- how do we persuade the childless, unmarried and economically stable men to join the ranks of US feminism? Bad use of Kristof, sure, but it’s a really good question. And I think the only answer is by raising them, um, us, that way. That’s 33.3% feminist household, 33.3% feminist programs [...]

  • black south commented on the blog post Gender Conformity in Weddings   4 years ago · View

    because my parents are refusing to accept someone who is different from themselves. And yet it is their wedding and they have the final say. But just like you don’t have a right to be your dad’s best man, neither do you have to be forced into the role of bridesmaid by your dad’s standards. And [...]

  • blacksouth commented on the blog post The Mel Gibson Meme   4 years, 1 month ago · View

    I changed my opinion after thinking about it. It is pretty disgusting that these videos, which involve the abuse of a woman and her child, are being made. I still stand by my ‘not laughing out of solidarity’ belief, but I’m now starting to think there are limits for decency. Maybe when it involves a [...]

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