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"I am a real estate professional in the Greater New York City Area (Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan). I work for a wonderful broker that happens to be one of the most respected FEMALE brokers in the business. Why is this [...]" · View

George L. Rosario


Ridgewood, NY

About Me

I’m a business professional, currently running three separate business ventures simultaneously, all while taking online courses for my bachelor’s degree.

I am a father of SIX children, from three separate mothers and I pay absolutely no child support. I hope that has shocked you and led to some passion in your thoughts. I disclose this and then dare others to judge me. You see, while I may not have been successful in my romantic relationships with my children’s mothers, I have been very successful in my relationship with each of my children. I have also been very successful in my parent-partnership relationship with my children’s mothers (at lease with two of them). Before you explode with rage at the fact that I admit to not paying any child support, be advised that I have full custody of my kids. Not something very common in our “mom is the nurturer and dad is the ATM” society. I have custody of my kids and I collect no child support, no government program, no outside help and no hand-outs. Furthermore, I am the only active parent in two of my children’s lives because their mother pulled a “dead-beat-parent” move and totally abandoned her two sons. They have seen her four times in 14 years and have received no birthday, holiday or graduation wishes from that woman. I have an excellent relationship with the other two mothers because they are women that are trying their best to be good mothers to their children.

On a professional level I will tell you that I have three professional licenses and I’m working on my fourth. I make enough money from my hard work that I can provide a safe and comfortable environment for my children to grow in. I am looking to continue to grow both as a father and as a productive member of our society.

I am joining this page because I feel it can use a refreshing point of view from a real man’s perspective. While feminism is prepared to protect the rights of women everywhere, I believe it is also prepared to recognize the need for real men (not boys) in our society today. Single mothers, raped women, abused wives, work-area harassed women, abandoned women and all those women that are either suffering or know a woman who suffers at the hand of a man must be prepared to appreciate the love and respect that a real man offers.

I look forward to making some meaningful contributions to this page. I love women and believe in REAL equality for all (be it good equality or difficult equality). I am all for equality, after all I am the proud father of a beautiful two year old daughter. I want her and my five sons to have the same opportunities in life, regardless of their gender. I believe a real opinion from a real man is an excellent way to increase your page’s effect and credibility.

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