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    I love feeling smooth! On date nights or when I’m going out to do something special part of getting dressed up and feeling beautiful is shaving for me. But I don’t mind when theres short hair there before its long enough to shave without getting razor burn. I was always hesitant to go bare because [...]

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    Here is a petition to speak out against schools which give weight grades on their report cards. http://ht.ly/4YN61

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    I am both currently appreciative and frustrated with my body.
    It is not rare for me to find fault in my body, not being thin enough or having perfect skin but I also try and keep those thoughts in check because for me they create a vicious cycle.. The more I talk down to myself the more of my body I end up dissatisfied with.
    So instead I try to love my shape and refine it in healthy ways, by eating better and working out.. but also giving myself permission to eat when I’m hungry (even if I ”shouldn’t” be) and to skip a workout if I’m really not into it. This has created a much happier me.. but I am currently frustrated too.. My body is in a lot of pain a lot of the time. Often, as is the case currently, the pain keeps me from working out (and doing a lot of other things!) so it’s a constant struggle to balance taking care of my body actively (eating well/exercise/pleasures) and then whenever I my back/neck/or any other body part gets out of alignment I’m stuck just taking care of my body, like a hurt out of commission body..

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    Not trying to take attention away from these great posts I just wanted to give a link. If you watch this short video they will donate $1 towards girsl education in Malawi.

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