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    Male Voice: A feminist is anyone who wants equality because they or a different group of people are being subjugated because of who they are. Bruke: My name is Bruke Abraha, I’m a senior at LREI, and I am a feminist. Russell: Uh, I’m Russell, I’m 18, I’m in 12th grade. Max: I’m Max Fried, [...]

  • I must wonder if anyone has done the same work on perception of the dangers of carrying to term in the media, given that the most recent peer-reviewed study (granted still controversial in some circles) shows it being 14 times as lethal as having an abortion.

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    Something I don’t think I’ve seen posted here yet, a pregnant rape victim in Turkey denied an abortion catches and decapitates her rapist and parades his head through town:


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    You may not be aware of this, but Domino’s Pizza was founded by Tom Monaghan, an extreme religious misogynist. He’s also strongly anti-union. His other notable works include the Ave Maria foundation, which has attempted to use its funds to enforce Catholic doctrine as law, all the way down to the opposition to contraception. He [...]

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    I think that even among the most extreme of debaters, rape and forced pregnancy is not considered appropriate penalty for disagreeing with you about whether or not military service is always equivalent to being part of a “murder machine”. (This is not to trivialize the horrors of war in any way, nor to condone the [...]

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    Ditto. I have a habit of viewing religious authorities with a fairly suspicious eye, but she was pretty awesome. I’ve been having a hard time verifying the statement that the nun’s habit was originally “simple dress of the day”, though — and there do seem to have been a bewildering number of variations even after [...]

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    While it is undisputable that the United States has a problem with theocratic violence, I’m afraid that you may want to spend some more time examining Australia, which is not quite the haven you seem to think it is. In particular, you may want to look up the murder of Steven Rogers in a clinic [...]

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    Since it doesn’t look like anyone has posted a link to neutral stats yet, I thought I’d offer the following: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/21164210 (~6% false rate of accusation, high confidence between 2% and 10%). The FBI report listing an 8% “unfounded” rate of accusation (which as others have noted is not the same as “false”) has been [...]

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    There is some long-term risk involved in allowing a small number of individuals to have a disproportionate genetic impact on the next generation. It’s not yet at a critical state, but imagine that if instead of 150, the number was 1500. That’s not an impossible number to reach over a lifetime of steady donations. Now [...]

  • For what it’s worth, that same voice actress and accent are used on the nurse that saved the main character’s life as a child during an act of brave rebellion against the Illuminati. There are also poor people of a large number of other ethnic backgrounds. Letitia is only of notice because she’s an information [...]

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    Neil, not to chase away a potential supporter, but I want to make sure you realize what you just requested. You just asked women who are frequently facing abandonment issues already to spend their time and effort to make that problem worse, as a token of barter to bring in men on the margin to [...]

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