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  • Aydan commented on the blog post From the Front Lines of Rape Culture   4 years ago · View

    I just… wanted to say that I am so sorry this was done to you. I also wanted to thank you for sharing this. For every person who can articulate like you that “I do not deserve it,” there are so many more who have been deceived into thinking they do deserve it, who could [...]

  • Aydan commented on the blog post Easy A: Mainstream Feminism Film?   4 years ago · View

    It looks like it at least attempts to address some issues regarding perceptions of women’s sexuality. And it also looks original. I don’t see many movies because most of them are a trainwreck of gender stereotypes, but I might go see this one when it comes out, for those two reasons.

  • Aydan commented on the blog post “Invasion by birth canal”   4 years ago · View

    … “breeding season”? Like estrus? Like livestock??

    Whatever happened to upholding the integrity of the Constitution? I guess that’s only when it’s convenient…?

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