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    First off, I absolutely agree with the sentiments presented here, but it raised a question in my mind that I would like to pose here. Context first: this question is presented by a white, middle-class, cis-hetero male. Basically, if there’s a privileged status to be claimed, I have it, and one of the things that [...]

  • In principle, I can see it sounding promising. In practice, though, I fear America’s love affair with shaming people for sexual pro… well, shaming people for being sexual would wind up turning this into something terrible. There are already citizen shame campaigns run around the country putting people up on billboards for prostitution offenses and [...]

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    According to updates on an article following the pink headband story, the mother has been released from her Baker Act observation and is back home with her family.


    This article seems to be following the story pretty well and is updating as things progress.

  • Alex Szele commented on the blog post Daily Feminist Cheat Sheet   12 months ago · View

    The HuffPost article on the pink headband incident has been taken down. The story has taken a turn for the extremely disturbing as it appears that the mother in question has been “Baker Acted” – taken in for mental health evaluation after mentioning to responding officers that the harassment over her blog post has made [...]

  • Alex Szele commented on the blog post Can you figure out what this police x-ray captured?   1 year ago · View

    Excellent points, Katie, and you are spot-on about the line being extremely gray and fuzzy. I guess the thing that gives me pause about throwing abusive migration “helpers” in with human traffickers is what happens at the end of the journey. Were the people in that truck destined to be released or pressed into indentured [...]

  • Alex Szele commented on the blog post Can you figure out what this police x-ray captured?   1 year ago · View

    I think it’s important to remember the difference between human trafficking and undocumented immigration. The drivers were charged with trafficking most likely because it’s the harshest law that could be thrown at them, but from the links you included the people in the truck paid to be there. Trafficking generally connotes unwilling or abducted victims [...]

  • Alex Szele commented on the blog post Demand Kickstarter remove guide to sexual assault   1 year, 1 month ago · View

    No offense, but the point is legitimate. It was acceptable to point out that the South was the stronghold of slavery regardless of how many decent people in the South weren’t directly involved in it and may have even opposed it. Point being: there are wonderful places on reddit, full of beauty and kind insight, [...]

  • How long before they realize that they didn’t include language specifying that the straight married people don’t have to be married to each other?

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