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  • arvilla wrote a new blog post: Please Don’t Ask Me if I’ve Lost Weight   5 years, 2 months ago · View

    Cross-posted at Pink Scare . For one thing, I don’t know if I have. On my best days, I could say I really don’t care if I did lose weight. Other days, I can at least be honest and tell you I don’t keep a scale around so that I can’t obsess about weight, and honestly, I don’t [...]

  • Cross posted at Pink Scare . Scholars have taken many approaches to this question, usually ending up talking about the division of labor. Sex difference and inequality had to be enforced so women would raise a work force for us and not ask for any pay. And her children would be good workers, because she did "woman" right and [...]

  • arvilla wrote a new blog post: Mormonism and Feminism, Not Incompatible–At Least Not Necessarily   5 years, 11 months ago · View

    A Mormon feminist posted about her precarious position of being a feminist Mormon, amid the Prop 8 battle and the post-8 backlash against the Church. A lot of posters there are sympathetic to her plight and apologetic for hateful statements or stereotypes they or their allies may have made about Mormons, even while they admit they’re very [...]

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