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  • Buy everyone in America an electric car. Build a cruise ship a la Fifth Element that can orbit around the earth. Bonus: if it can go faster than the speed of light. Build an underwater city and name it Atlantis. Invest in art education for public schools. Invest in stem cell research. Invest in AIDS research. Invest in cryogenics. Invest in Teleportation research. (I can [...]

  • Andrea commented on the blog post Inside the Koch Brothers’ Expensive Echo Chamber   3 years, 1 month ago · View

    I would love to see more articles like these. There are so many corporations that have a direct hand in our political process, and it drives me mad that they hide behind so many smoke and mirrors. More corporate exposes please! And seriously, how cool would it be if there was a list somewhere of [...]

  • Andrea commented on the blog post New racist anti-choice billboard campaign to target Latinas   3 years, 1 month ago · View

    Since the billboard doesn’t make any direct reference to abortion, maybe this can be spun to our benefit, and list the real reasons why a latina womb may be a dangerous place for a fetus, like lack of access to health care, domestic violence, lack of prenatal care, AIDS, lack of contraception, religious ideology, teen [...]

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    I’m new!

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