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  • Thumbnail   October 17 was the Global Day of Action for Jennifer Laude, a Filipina who was murdered by visiting U.S. military forces in the Philippines. Jennifer was a 26-year-old transgender woman  killed by U.S. Marine, Private First Class Joseph Scott Pemberton  on October 11 in Olongapo City. Mainstream media outlets immediately pulled out old slurs to create sensationalist headlines dehumanizing and blaming Jennifer for her own death. [...]

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    Donate to support the Feministing #TimesTen relaunch here. If you’re feeling really generous, I’ll make you a custom pie chart.

  • Ed. note: This excerpt from a piece by Feministing Editor Emerita Ann Friedman is cross-posted from her Tumblr  with permission. In 2004, the year I graduated college, I had the cliched personal crisis that everyone has when  What do I want to do with my life?  suddenly becomes a practical question, not a thought exercise. I knew I wanted to [...]

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    Damn, Zerlina, I would not have had your composure when that woman in the middle started quacking about how you were demonizing Barbies. It’s not like I expect Fox to bring in well-spoken conservatives, but she worked my last nerve in a record period of time. I think one thing that’s important to recognize in the [...]

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    As long as the flag is not flown at or above the height as the U.S. flag, it is not considered unpatriotic to fly other flags along with Old Glory. Anyone who was in the scouts (or just, y’know, paid attention in elementary school) knows this. (yes, I know the irony of invoking the scouts [...]

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    It really wasn’t a sudden decision…it was more of a slow metamorphosis, a sort of evolution in my way of thinking. What stands out most is the recent barrage of lawmakers using controlling women’s bodies as planks in their political platforms. When was the last time a law was proposed that limited men’s ability to [...]

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    It’s true. I NEVER wanted to be pro-choice. NEVER. I was raised Catholic, by very conservative parents, and even as I grew older and increasingly left the teachings of the Church and my parents behind, I still held fast to my pro-life beliefs. Even as my latent feminism finally stopped being latent, I continued to be vehemently and [...]

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    I am a real estate professional in the Greater New York City Area (Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan). I work for a wonderful broker that happens to be one of the most respected FEMALE brokers in the business. Why is this important? Well, because it is refreshing to work in an office where women are not treated like second rate clients who have no business purchasing a home on their own. If you have ever tried or have known a woman who has tried to purchase an apartment or home in New York City, I am sure you’ve been exposed to questions such as ”Where’s your husband?” or ”Are you sure you can do this by yourself?” I think those questions are totally uncalled for, especially when they are not typically asked of male buyers. I always ask EVERY buyer if anyone else needs to see the property before they make an offer. Why? Because I don’t want to waste my time just to find out that after showing six or seven homes, I have to backtrack and show those same homes to the uncle, aunt, brother, sister, mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, mailman, priest, doctor, financial adviser, next door neighbor, etc. But, do I think a woman is perfectly capable of purchasing a property without any involvement from a male counterpart? Absolutely! My best friend, and many of my other female friends are living proof of it! So please, if you or any woman out there is thinking of purchasing a home or investment property, please look for a Realtor that believes you can do it!

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    I’ve been a serious advocate for self defense courses for women, especially those that live in the city and work late hours. What I don’t like is the commercialized style of class that is taught in so many ”professional” schools. I’ve taught self defense to women for many years. I teach one on one courses with a very serious and effective twist. I ask that my students dress in their normal every day attire. When learning #self-defense, a woman must train her mind to react in seconds, without having to adjust her thinking from the Karate Uniform class that she has taken, to the real life street situation where she must fight off a dangerous attacker while she is in her business suit and high heels. Believe it or not, the few seconds it takes for her to adjust to her different attire can make a HUGE difference in her odds for survival. If you would like to learn more about a #fitness program that focuses on #real-life #physical-training and #self-defense, contact me. I look forward to speaking with as many of you as possible.

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    I guess it depends on what you feel is at the root of the current round of housewifery. A lot of women are “choosing” to stay at home with their children because as they see it, the prohibitive costs of childcare would put them behind the 8-ball–if childcare costs $10/hour, is it really worth it [...]

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    Somali, I do think you’re right. I also think that many previously career-minded/oriented women are turning on to the AP movement as a way to channel their (perhaps latent or unspoken) frustration with suddenly being stay-at-home mothers. But all this whole movement does is pit women against each other…implying that a woman who co-sleeps, babywears, [...]

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    Sacrifice your dignity on the altar of eternal beauty, one more treatment and you’ll be just perfect, darling. Lose a couple pounds and then you’ll be just right. All the beauty clichés your mother whispered in your baby ears about skin deep beauty in the eye of the beholder; the beholder is a man and [...]

  • Attachment parenting. The term is everywhere, right? Time magazine’s awful cover story “Are You Mom Enough” seemed to bring the whole debate to a (tasteless, judgemental) head. Can I just tell you how that cover infuriated me? I breastfed my two sons for a year each (due to her illness at birth I was unable [...]

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