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"@samhita I accidentally clicked on ‘report comment’ on the comment from ‘meeeee’ in the 2/22/11 Wisconsin post. I was going to click on ‘reply’ and accidentally clicked on report….sorry. Thanks." · View



Stevens Point, WI

About Me

I’m a senior undergraduate student at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point in Wisconsin. Point is a large town amid surrounded by a river a open fields, and it is filled with many liberal-minded environmentalists (especially among students!)- and I love it! I’m studying Psychology with an emphasis in Human Services, with a minor in Sociology. I’m a proudly self-proclaimed nerd and feminist (and liberal…and my conservative family knows it) just trying to make my mark on the world by letting others know about the inequalities that exist. I firmly believe that social change starts with the family unit (in whatever form that may be), so I plan on going to grad school for marriage and family therapy.

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