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  • There’s a meme going around facebook right now.  Apparently, if you’re a female bodied person between the ages of 12 and 75 (those were the two extremes on my status updates list last night) it’s The Thing To Do to change your Facebook status to the color of your bra right now. It promotes breast cancer awareness. [...]

  • andylc wrote a new blog post: I can’t be the only person feeling this way   4 years, 11 months ago · View

    I fully admit I don’t listen to much music.  My 1st generation 1g iPod nano broke sometime this summer and I haven’t bothered to try to find the money to get another one yet.  My computer has been broken for a few months (I am using a computer lab computer right now) so I don’t have [...]

  • andylc wrote a new blog post: Marriage Equality Repealed in Maine   4 years, 11 months ago · View

    I live in Maine. Yesterday I was at a bar in Bangor with organizers from all over "northern" Maine as we debriefed and then watched the results come in. First we were optimistic – the numbers were in our favor. We watched as our lead shrunk, and then we fell behind. I don’t think I will ever understand [...]

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