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"@jos I’ve never tried this before so I’m not sure it will work. Although I don’t get into Hollywood stuff so I’m a little late, this is much too rapey to ignore and probably is a feminist issue. “http://www.latimes.com/entertainment/envelope/gossip/la-et-mg-mccarthy-kisses-bieber-amas-justin-bieber,0,3577726.story” Some [...]" · View
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    “between sixty and seventy-five per cent of them were involved in “contraband smuggling and/or having sexual relationships with inmates.” According to the government, Tavon White had sexual relationships with four guards and fathered five children by them. (One of the guards had “Tavon” tattooed on her wrist; another had the name on her neck.) An [...]

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    I have a question. I don’t like to be touched. I don’t know if it’s social conditioning or something that is inherent to me, but I’ve always found unnecessary touching from either men or women harassing. Some feminist men have decried the inability of men to experience “platonic touch”. Many women have placed their hand [...]

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    “Perry also objects to rules regarding cross-gender monitoring—the new regulations require that only same-sex guards conduct both direct and remote monitoring of inmates in states of undress—because, he says, women who work in men’s prisons would lose their jobs. ” IMO if there is a legitemate reason to argue that gender is a BFOQ (bona [...]

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    Here’s another program to get guys on board with women’s issues.


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    “And here I thought the wrist was possibly the most androgynous body part.”

    Limp or straight? Although that would be a terrible implication, that’s the only thing I can think of that this could be marketing to.

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    There’s only about a 3% difference in the wages 14.50 to 15.00 an hour. Could it be that people who are enlightened enough to hire a male babysitters simply pay more? Not to get political, but I suspect the blue state are wealthier, have a higher standard of living, and are more likely to hire [...]

  • I have a question. Why is feministing advocating that rape cases be removed from the chain of command in military court, but advocating that rapes occurring at colleges are handled by the colleges? The reason why there are all these Title IX complaints is that the colleges have been looking out for their own best [...]

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    I remember a controversy in Chicago about 25 or so years ago concerning the minority set aside program benefiting minorities and women. The controversy was that when the contracts were examined, the vast majority went to white women. “White Women Get Contracts In the $210 million Dan Ryan Expressway repair project here, white women have [...]

  • I don’t think this will be a popular comment or even if it will be approved, but when I encounter an ad that says X owned business, that moves to the bottom of my list when selecting a service provider. That doesn’t mean I won’t pick it. It now has to be better than the [...]

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    There was a rape case out of Chicago that got some coverage. Although it’s an older case, I was curious as to how it was adjudicated so I recently searched. The result didn’t get much coverage and maybe that’s an indication of how victims are treated also. It really illustrates the difficulty that victims have [...]

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    “Now Corey–who has the power to reduce the charges or drop the case entirely–says they’ll try to triple Alexander’s original prison sentence from 20 to 60 years” Untrue, Angela Corey is seeking the exact same 20 year sentences for each of the 3 convictions she won in the first trial. The difference is that she [...]

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    “The process starts in the first book with Penelope coming down from her private quarters into the great hall, to find a bard performing to throngs of her suitors; he’s singing about the difficulties the Greek heroes are having in reaching home. She isn’t amused, and in front of everyone she asks him to choose [...]

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    Here’s a link to 40 or so studies examining men as victims of women’s sexual coercion some studies were of college students. http://www.dottal.org/LBDUK/references_examining_men_as_vict.htm Examples include “Aizenman, M. & Kelley, G. (1988). The incidence of violence and acquaintance rape in dating relationships among college men and women. Journal of College Student Development, 29, 305-311. (A survey [...]

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    For those who feel men should step up in the family planning department and more options for birth control are better than fewer the Parsemus Foundation is trying to raise $37,000 to complete the testing of Vasalgel, a male form of birth control, before it can start human trials.


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    Why you hating on Mary Poppins? Julie Andrews played the main character for which the film was named. She was a bit more than a nanny so that could very well be a mischaracterization anyway. I remember it as a magical film in my youth. You’re probably too young, but you should watch it.

  • I think part of the issue is that people are suggesting that black men are destroying women by posting video of black women destroying women. Black men are blamed for enough in society to have to answer for the actions of black women. As far as black women’s violence being met with snickers and less [...]

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    In the United States you have to proven criminal intent to convict also. I suspect that’s the case with most if not all of the developed world and I’m not prepared to say that it’s wrong, but in the U.S. there is also the negligent standard of criminal intent. If somebody should reasonably have known [...]

  • John commented on the blog post Britain posthumously pardons scientist it chemically castrated   3 months, 3 weeks ago · View

    I feel the same way I felt when I heard people wanting a pardon for MLK and the civil rights protestors. What did they do that requires society’s forgiveness? If anything, society owes them. In the case of the civil rights protestors, I look at it as a badge of honor rather than a stain. [...]

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    I have a question. Would it be acceptable to listen to his music if you could do so without him profiting from it? The only songs of his I liked was I believe I can Fly and The World’s Greatest. If I already own a copy and he can’t profit further, is it OK to [...]

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    You know I’ve heard people talk about men and taking up space. There’s something else I’ve noticed on public transportation that no one seems to be talking about and that’s people (and it’s almost always women in my experience or maybe I just notice it more when a woman does it) placing their bags on [...]

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