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  • I’m assuming that there are a lot more colleges not on the list whose handling of sexual assault is no better than the ones on the list.

    Are there any colleges/universities that are known to be better? Or (dare I hope?) are what we feministicly inclined might consider satisfactory?

  • AMM commented on the blog post Quick Hit: Racist tweeps demand White History Month   1 year, 8 months ago · View

    I’m surprised nobody has used the standard rejoinder:

    Every month is white history month.

    (From http://yoisthisracist.com/, if the URL gets lost.)

  • AMM commented on the blog post Quick hit: know any gays against gay marriage?   1 year, 10 months ago · View

    Back in the 1980′s, there seemed to be a lot of gay people who opposed gay marriage. They considered the sexual promiscuity common in gay (male) culture of the time to be one of the ways that gay culture was superior to straight culture, and that gay marriage would be a step backwards, an adoption [...]

  • AMM commented on the blog post UNC students plan to file Title IX complaint with the Office of Civil Rights   1 year, 10 months ago · View

    Lots of things are “serious stuff.” I don’t know what sort of response you were expecting, especially since the original post doesn’t seem to be a call for action. While I agree the situation is “serious,” I’m afraid the world is full of “serious stuff” — atrocities and outrages — and of people demanding that [...]

  • AMM commented on the blog post UNC students plan to file Title IX complaint with the Office of Civil Rights   1 year, 10 months ago · View

    A writing style gripe: nowhere does the article say what “UNC” is. Not saying what it is or where it is gives readers the impression that you have no interest in being read by anybody except the particular social group in the particular region where “everyone” just knows what UNC means. The WWW is, as [...]

  • AMM commented on the blog post In defense of irony   1 year, 11 months ago · View

    Can you please explain what “referential performativity” is?

    I did a Wikipedia search, and the phrase didn’t pop up. A Google search brings this article up first, and then some Google books on postmodernism, which, to be honest, I didn’t feel masochistic enough to wade through.

  • AMM commented on the blog post 5 reasons why Michelle Obama would make a better president than Mitt Romney   2 years, 1 month ago · View

    She’s more popular as FLOTUS than Mitt as aspiring POTUS. At its peak, Michelle received 28,003 tweets per minute last night — nearly two times the peak of Mitt Romney’s RNC speech at 14,289 tweets per minute.

    More tweets does not prove more popular. An equally reasonable interpretation of the Twitter stats is that Michelle Obama [...]

  • AMM commented on the blog post Are men more violent?   2 years, 2 months ago · View

    For millennia, human society has struggled with what to do with young men’s violent tendencies. I don’t know about “human society.” There have been a lot of human societies during the existence of the species. But I do know about Western societies, and I know that men are trained from birth to be violent. Violence is [...]

  • AMM commented on the blog post Is Facebook enabling eating disorders?   2 years, 7 months ago · View

    And as Facebook and other photosharing sites become more and more present, it becomes harder for people to create safe spaces for themselves.

    You don’t have to be part of the Facebook class to suffer from this. Now that virtually all cell phones have cameras, and virtually everyone has a cell phone, your image becomes the [...]

  • AMM commented on the blog post The ways of talking about the “war on women” that leave people out   2 years, 7 months ago · View

    I think that the war is, indeed, on all women, not just those who are currently able to get pregnant. The current campaign is focussing on those people who are able to get pregnant, probably because the misogynists see them as the easier targets, but it’s pretty clear that they plan to enslaveg the rest [...]

  • AMM commented on the blog post Media FAIL in Coverage of Study on Gender Conformity and Abuse   2 years, 8 months ago · View

    … we’ve all got our own experiences, but in mine being trans is not tragic. It’s incredible. I think that many of us who don’t fit into Society’s Procrustean bed feel the same way. I am what I’d call gender non-conformant (though not trans), and non-conformant in other ways that are harder to describe or [...]

  • AMM commented on the blog post Is monogamy bad for marriage?   3 years, 3 months ago · View

    It sounds like people are assuming that most divorces are caused by sexual incompatibility. Most of the divorces I know much about, including my own, were not caused by sexual issues. They were caused by at least one partner not being able to stand some aspect of the other’s behavior, and the other being unwilling [...]

  • AMM commented on the blog post When did feminists become so cliquey?   3 years, 4 months ago · View

    This may be a bit of a tangent (or not), but what struck me most about this story is that it was an abuse of power. Regardless of whether the student who disagreed with her was right or wrong or had her head completely up her ass, it is unethical for a professor to browbeat [...]

  • AMM commented on the blog post Ben Stein’s defense of DSK: Economists don’t rape people   3 years, 5 months ago · View

    Ben Stein thinks that economists can’t be rapists or sexual assailants because, I mean, have you ever heard of an economist raping someone? Actually, I kind of like that excuse. It’s a welcome break from the same old boring (and generally tedious) excuses for why this or that blatant rapist didn’t really rape. It’s sort of [...]

  • AMM commented on the blog post Feminists vs. Gamers   3 years, 8 months ago · View

    It’s funny — or maybe just sad — that no one seems to talk about what I thought was the most obvious aspect of the Penny Arcade cartoon in question: the whole idea of treating people (even fictitious people) as no more than occasions to gain points. I’m one of those people who thinks that [...]

  • AMM commented on the blog post “I am not an object”   3 years, 11 months ago · View

    Wasn’t it here at Feministing that I read all those articles complaining about how older Feminists were dismissing younger Feminists as focussing on trivialities and not really understanding Teh Feminism(tm)? This sounds an awful like the New Old Fogies at Feministing turning around and doing the same thing to their juniors. It may be that their [...]

  • AMM commented on the blog post Why are male babies still being awarded preferential treatment?   3 years, 11 months ago · View

    The OP talks about India, but couldn’t we also ask about Western culture? People here in the USA seem just as obsessed with knowing the unborn baby’s sex, and not just people who have ties to “the old country.” For both our children, we didn’t ask what sex the baby was, figuring we didn’t want [...]

  • AMM commented on the blog post Feminism and Men   3 years, 11 months ago · View

    The problem with this sort of argument against “traditionalism”, whatever that means, is that it means using a rational approach to deal with a non-rational position. Every time there are social changes, whatever they are, those who have gotten used to things as they are (or were) are going to feel threatened. (Even if it’s [...]

  • AMM commented on the blog post Thoughts on the 2010 mid-terms: after the euphoria of 2008, this is really hard.   3 years, 11 months ago · View

    Count me as someone who did not feel euphoria in 2008 and who does not feel that the world has been turned upside down by the latest election. Back in 2008, I was impressed that 51% of the electorate was willing to vote for a presidential candidate with a skin color that would have kept him [...]

  • AMM commented on the blog post Twitter Responds to #GawkerFAIL on Christine O’Donnell   3 years, 11 months ago · View

    Again, I fail to see how that is any different from the hypothetical woman who doesnt like my back hair. The difference is that you don’t have the majority of women (and men), plus the full power of the media (and your mother), lining up to tell you that there’s something wrong with you if you [...]

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