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    You all definitely need to have a tumblr!

  • Alyssa Franke wrote a new blog post: Actually, Choice IS an Economic Issue   2 years ago · View

    Thumbnail A SYTYCB Entry At American University, I’m used to seeing my professors featured in the national media. Normally its quite a fun experience, and at a school as politically active as ours (actually, we are the most politically active school, according to the Princeton Review) its great to learn from Professors who are active, intelligent, and politically [...]

  • Alyssa Franke wrote a new blog post: Corporations, Women, and the Sanctity of Life   2 years ago · View

    Thumbnail A SYTYCB Entry How much do you value a human life? $50,000? $1 million? $100 million? Or is it simply too precious to be monetarily defined? I’ll be honest, I don’t know. This question has been asked and answered by people much smarter than myself. What I do know is that there’s something bizarre about how [...]

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