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  • Alex commented on the blog post He’s got a big ego — that’s really easily bruised   8 months ago · View

    Lol, I’ve had many experiences over the years of men refusing to walk through doors I’m holding open for them. It always makes me laugh and I stand my ground until they either walk through it or I can see they’re not going to budge. Its never been a big issue but it always interests [...]

  • Alex commented on the blog post Michigan laws will block unemployment benefits for failed drug test   11 months, 3 weeks ago · View

    Hmm this is interesting. I’m not sure I agree with your assessment of the situation as criminalizing people for being poor. I mean, drugs are illegal. Regardless of how we feel about that, in this moment in time, they are illegal. So really, if people don’t want to get in some sort of trouble, they [...]

  • Alex commented on the blog post Wow, that Lorde song Royals is racist   1 year ago · View

    I don’t know, to me it seems like a stretch to call this song racist. What about the rest of the things she mentions? Jet planes, islands, ‘diamonds in your time piece’, and even grey goose…those aren’t specific to black people. Neither is trashing a hotel room. And ball gowns? If she listens to hip [...]

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