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    I am autistic myself. While I may be more privileged than you, in that I’m straight, I was still emotionally abused as a child due to my autism. My experiences with anger have been very different. Outrage is a source of energy and motivation for me, but not the level of anger that would be [...]

  • Thanks Jenny! Are you autistic too? Re: your comment about prehistory, I love history too, though more modern history. It contains the lessons of politics, but isn’t as depressing as current affairs due to being “then” rather than “now”. I recently completed a Bachelor of Arts in History (with an option in English), and am [...]

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  • I am a 21-year-old feminist, Youth Rights, environmentalist and anti-authoritarian (I call it “anti-paternalism”) activist from Australia. I aim to be a hero of Youth Rights, to bring the cause into the mainstream. I also suffer from high-functioning autism. I can be socially awkward and extremely emotional, and I obsess about things. My obsession is [...]

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