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  • aletheia_shortwave wrote a new blog post: Techno-Feminist Utopia: The Gift of Monstrosity   3 years, 8 months ago · View

    Hey Feministing Community! This April 17th, I will release a short documentary-style film, ‘The Gift of Monstrosity.’  The film is based on research I did in a graduate-level Genocide and Human Rights course about the idea that genocide or ethnic cleansing can happen to queer people. Check out the trailer! Taking an artistic and philosophical approach, we discuss the [...]

  • aletheia_shortwave wrote a new blog post: Utopian Transmissions   4 years, 4 months ago · View

    Oh girl, look. Techno-Feminist Utopia brings you regular feminist documentary (once every month), with visually-inspired speculation that draws its influences from drag culture, queer theory, Continental philosophy, political activism, radical feminism, and visual & performing art ( Alexandria Brown is a painter, Gianna Love does dance and performance art). We are currently working on our next episode, [...]

  • aletheia_shortwave wrote a new blog post: TECHNO-FEMINIST UTOPIA: New Youtube TV Series!   4 years, 5 months ago · View

    Happy Cinco de Mayo, Feministing community! I am writing to let you know about a new Youtube TV series I have co-authored with my friend, Gianna Love, called “Techno-Feminist Utopia.” We will be regularly updating with episodes spanning the gamut of issues in feminism which interest us. Note: some content may be graphic and/or triggering. In our first [...]

  • aletheia_shortwave wrote a new blog post: Anti-Choice Group Compares Abortion To Genocide   4 years, 8 months ago · View

    Trigger warning. I have posted once before about a monopolization of public space on my campus by sexist and patriarchal forces, but this situation takes the cake. I walked up to my classroom building on Tuesday to see a fire truck, an ambulance, a police car, and a giant sign that said “GENOCIDE.” After quickly realizing I [...]

  • No, we won’t offer a drag show. Shoutout to Dr. Crawley. I’m taking the grad-level version of this course… and it’s great. And really quite rigorous. And yet, Dr. Crawley has had to arrange for the dean of students to stand outside the classroom to prevent people from harassing students or even posing as students in order [...]

  • I am attending classes at USF in Tampa, Florida, right now. In addition to the Florida Family Association ‘s attempt to shut down the Queer Theory course I am taking by harassing the administration, protesting outside the classroom, and attempting to infiltrate the class (our professor had to take a special roll call to ensure representatives of [...]

  • aletheia_shortwave wrote a new blog post: Huge, Gigantic, Disgusting Gender Fail at The Onion   4 years, 9 months ago · View

    DISCLAIMER: Because I have been accused of this in the past whenever I engage in critique of misogynistic media, no, I do not think that media like this, or porn, or whatever, should be censored or criminalized. I do think we should work as actively as possible to create the same general atmosphere surrounding this [...]

  • aletheia_shortwave wrote a new blog post: The Question Of Choice In Sexual Orientation   4 years, 10 months ago · View

    Miriam Perez on the main Feministing blogs recently covered the serious issue that was debated by Rachel Maddow and Richard Cohen on Maddow’s show recently. And seriously: mad props to Maddow for handling that so smoothly.The entire situation is absolutely terrifying. I had a baffling experience talking to a man from Ghana who told me [...]

  • Note — I am not selecting a category for this post because, to my surprise, there is no category regarding sex worker’s rights. Can anyone fill me in as to why this is? Anyway — I am having a hard time believing that this article is running in the NY Times. First of all, why is a wealthy male sociologist [...]

  • Dear Feministing Folk, While I understand that, given the sensitive nature of the subject we have been having a discussion on, significant moderation of comments is probably necessary, I think there comes a time when moderation might actually be getting in the way of coming to a compromise. For some reason, those cis-gendered people who hold more [...]

  • aletheia_shortwave wrote a new blog post: Super F**konomics   4 years, 12 months ago · View

    While I do think that sex workers need to be recognized as whole human beings and that their choices need to be destigmatized, to say that the main reason women don’t participate in sex work is the media bias, or fear of social ostracization, is to emphasize the problems that upper-middle class, predominantly white sex [...]

  • aletheia_shortwave wrote a new blog post: Heteronormativity and Transgendered Identity   5 years ago · View

    Ma Vie en Rose Trailer: Relevant Clip:  1. I found this movie, like  XXY, to be surprisingly heteronormative. It is sexist in spite of, and not because of, its positive portrayal of a gender-variant character. The film could have been reworked, albeit quite thoroughly, to accommodate a space for thinking about the intersections of all sexism, and not merely transmisogyny. It [...]

  • aletheia_shortwave wrote a new blog post: Follow-up On Marc’s Post   5 years ago · View

    Marc, Thank you so much for this post. It has been a lot easier for me to doll myself up and try to be charming on these cocktail waitressing interviews knowing what a large community there is that supports me — not just my personal friends and family, but people who I’ve never met. We as a [...]

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