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  • *Trigger warning* In civil war, when groups of people with conflicting identities are forced together by imaginary political boundaries, women’s bodies become inevitable tools for humiliating the enemy. Perhaps the most notorious example of this is the former Yugoslavia, where sexual violence played a critical and strategic role throughout the nine year war. After 50,000-60,000 systematic [...]

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    Thumbnail A SYTYCB Entry Yesterday political comedian Andy Borowitz tweeted, “I fear that Paul Ryan’s extremist views about rape & abortion will distract us from his extremist views about Social Security & Medicare.” It’s a funny joke, highlighting a clear reality: all of Paul Ryan’s views are extremist and controversial. It also brings up another necessary [...]

  • Thumbnail A SYTYCB entry The summer blockbuster season is almost over, a time where (mostly white male) directors make epic films for teenage boys.  From this target audience emerges the consistent over-sexualization of women. But has this summer been different? With female superheroes in films like  the Avengers  and the Dark Knight Rises , are things changing? Can ladies have power [...]

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