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Lori Adelman is an Executive Director at Feministing. Lori has been with the publication since 2009, and covers a range of topics including reproductive justice, race, gender, global health and the media. Lori is also a Communications and Advocacy Officer in the Global Division of Planned Parenthood Federation of America, providing support to partners promoting sexual and reproductive rights and health in Latin America and Africa. She has previously worked at the United Nations Foundation on the Secretary-General’s Every Woman Every Child initiative, the International Women’s Health Coalition, and in the Women’s Rights Division of Human Rights Watch. Lori received her B.A. from Harvard College in 2008. Follow Lori on Twitter: @lori_adelman.

headshot3Maya Dusenbery is an an Executive Director and runs Editorial at Feministing. Maya has been with the publication since 2010, and likes to write and speak about abortion rights, sexuality, economic justice, and her favorite TV shows. She has previously worked at NARAL Pro-Choice New York and the National Institute for Reproductive Health and was a fellow at Mother Jones magazine. Maya received her B.A. from Carleton College in 2008. A Minnesota native, she currently lives in Atlanta, where she writes, edits, fact-checks, and bakes bread. Follow Maya on Twitter: @mayadusenbery.

PhotobucketJos Truitt is an Executive Director and runs Development for Feministing. She joined the team in July 2009, became an Editor in August 2011, and Executive Director in 2013. She writes about topics including transgender issues, abortion access, and GIFs. Jos first got involved with organizing when she led a walk out against the Iraq war at her high school. She was introduced to the reproductive justice movement while at Hampshire College, where she organized the Civil Liberties and Public Policy Program’s annual reproductive justice conference. She has worked on the National Abortion Federation’s hotline, was a Field Organizer at Choice USA, and has volunteered as a Pro-Choice Clinic Escort. Jos has also written for publications including The Guardian, Columbia Journalism Review, Bilerico, RH Reality Check, and Metro Weekly. She has spoken and trained at numerous national conferences and college campuses about trans issues, reproductive justice, blogging, feminism, and grassroots organizing. Jos completed her MFA in Printmaking at the San Francisco Art Institute in Spring 2013. Follow Jos on Twitter: @jostruitt.

chloeheadshotChloe Angyal is a freelance writer and blogger from Sydney, Australia who is based in New York City. Chloe’s writing has been published in numerous online and print outlets, including The Los Angeles Times, New York magazine, The Atlantic, Slate, Salon, Jezebel, The NationThe American Prospect, Foreign Policy Magazine, The Guardian, GOOD, Departures, AlterNet, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, and The Christian Science Monitor, and she is a regular guest on MSNBC and Al Jazeera. Her freelance writing covers a range of topics, including sexual assault prevention, women in politics, and reproductive rights. Her academic work focuses on Hollywood romantic comedies; her doctoral thesis is about how the genre depicts gender, sex and power. Born and raised in Sydney, Chloe moved to the US in 2005 and to New York City in 2009. In her spare time, she reads, runs, takes ballet classes, and listens to truly terrible pop music. Follow her on Twitter: @ChloeAngyal.

Verónica Bayetti Flores has spent the last years of her life living and breathing reproductive justice. She has led national policy and movement building work on the intersections of immigrants’ rights, health care access, young parenthood, and LGBTQ liberation, and has worked to increase access to contraception and abortion, fought for paid sick leave, and demanded access to safe public space for queer youth of color. In 2008 Verónica obtained her Master’s degree in the Sexuality and Health program at Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health. She loves cooking, making art, listening to music, and thinking about the ways art forms traditionally seen as feminine are valued and devalued. In addition to writing for Feministing, she is currently spending most of her time doing policy work to reduce the harms of LGBTQ youth of color’s interactions with the police at Streetwise and Safe, and making sure abortion care is accessible to all regardless of their income as Co-President of the board of the National Network of Abortion Funds. You can follow her on Twitter at @veroconplatanos.

Alexandra headshotAlexandra Brodsky is an anti-violence activist and student at the Yale Law School. She has worked at Harvard Law’s Gender Violence Program and completed fellowships at the Planned Parenthood Association and Justice Now, a feminist prison abolitionist legal services non-profit in Oakland. Alexandra also organizes the legal education campaign Know Your IX as well as Ed Act Now, a national student movement for better federal enforcement of Title IX. Alexandra’s feminist and economic justice commentary and activism have been featured by news outlets including CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, FOX News, NPR, the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, TIME, The Atlantic, the Chronicle, and Al Jazeera. In addition to her work at Feministing, Alexandra has been published at The Guardian, AlterNet, Slate, Salon, the Huffington Post, and The Nation. She tweets as @azbrodsky.

Sesali BowenSesali Bowen is a writer and professional shit talker. She is a queer Black girl, fat girl, and trainer. She was the former Training Director at the United States Student Association and later a member of the Youth Organizing team at Planned Parenthood Federation of America. She received her bachelor’s in Women’s and Gender Studies from Depaul University in 2012 and is currently pursuing a master’s in Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality studies at Georgia State University in Atlanta. A self identified hip hop feminist, and trained with a reproductive justice background, her interests include the intersections of feminism and pop culture, youth culture and trends, girlhood, sexuality, race, gender, and Beyonce. Sesali joined the Feministing team in 2010 as one of the winners of the So You Think You Can Blog contest. Follow Sesali on Twitter: @BadFatBlackGirl.

Juliana Britto SchwartzJuliana Britto Schwartz‘s writing work focuses on feminist and racial justice movements lead by Latinas throughout the Americas, touching on issues such as environmental justice, immigration, colonization, land rights and indigenous movements. She has been a regular Contributor to Feministing since Spring of 2013, and also been published on The Huffington Post, Mic, and The Feminist Wire. Juliana studied Latin American and Latinx Studies at the University of California and is now based in the Bay Area, where she has worked with various organizations on social media and communications strategy. In her free time, she likes to dance salsa and tango and practice Portuguese with her cousins via Skype. She tweets over at @JulianaBrittoS.

Katherine CrossKatherine Cross is a sociologist and Ph.D student at the CUNY Graduate Centre in New York City, who researches gender in cyberspace, particularly in video games. In a bizarre life choice, she makes her living reading the comments because she seeks to understand human behaviour online. In addition to being a weekly columnist for Feministing, she is a frequent contributor to Bitch magazine and RH Reality Check. Her work has also appeared in Polygon, Kotaku, Questioning Transphobia, The Border House, and Women’s Studies Quarterly. She tweets as @Quinnae_Moon.

Mychal Denzel SmithMychal Denzel Smith is a Knobler Fellow at The Nation Institute and contributor to TheNation.com. He is a social commentator, mental health advocate whose work has been seen online in outlets such as The Atlantic, Salon, Al Jazeera English, Gawker, The Guardian, Ebony.com, Huffington Post, The Root, The Grio, and GOOD. He is also a member of the “Brothers Writing to Live” collective. His writing covers a range of topics, including but not limited to: race, politics, social justice, pop culture, hip-hop, mental health, feminism, and black male identity, particularly for millenials in the age of Obama. He has provided commentary for a number of radio programs, including on NPR and BBC radio, as well as appearances on MSNBC, CNN, C-Span, HuffPost Live, Al Jazeera English, Current TV, and Our World with Black Enterprise. You can follow him on Twitter at @mychalsmith.

Katie Halper is a comedian, writer, blogger, satirist and filmmaker based in New York. Katie graduated from The Dalton School (where she taught history) and Wesleyan University (where she learned that labels are for jars.) A director of Living Liberally and co-founder/performer in Laughing Liberally, Katie has performed at Town Hall, Symphony Space, The Culture Project, D.C. Comedy Festival, all five Netroots Nations, and The Nation Magazine Cruise, where she made Howard Dean laugh! and has appeared with Lizz Winstead, The Yes Men, and Cynthia Nixon. In addition to Feministing, Katie’s writing and videos have appeared in The New York Times, Salon, Comedy Central, The Nation Magazine, Gawker, Nerve, Jezebel, The Huffington Post, Alternet. Katie co-produced Tim Robbins’s film Embedded, Estela Bravo’s Free to Fly, was outreach director for The Take, Naomi Klein/Avi Lewis documentary about Argentine workers, co-directed New Yorkers Remember the Spanish Civil War, a video for Museum of the City of NY exhibit, and wrote/directed viral satiric videos including Jews/ Women/ Gays for McCain. Katie’s latest film “Commie Camp” premiered at the VisionFest at Tribeca Cinemas, where it broke a record for quickly selling out two showings. Follow her on Twitter at @kthalps.

Syreeta McFadden is one of the founding editors of the online literary magazine Union Station and a co-curator of Poets In Unexpected Places.  She is a regular contributor to Feministing.com and her writing has appeared in the New York Times, BuzzFeed, The Guardian, The Huffington Post, Storyscape Journal, and others. She has appeared on NPR’s On The Media and Tell Me More, and Sirius XM Radio’s Make It Plain.  A former urban planner, she holds degrees from Columbia University and Sarah Lawrence College. She is an adjunct professor of English and Humanities, and is currently writing collections of short stories and essays. Follow her on Twitter at @reetamac.