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How Non-Engineers can support Women Engineers

This post is in response to the main blog post:

As I and a few others commented the post and the criticism kind of miss the mark on the struggles of women in engineering. Just as Feministing wouldn’t have a post written about one groups struggle be written by a person that has isn’t even involved with that group, this post shouldn’t have been written by some one who isn’t a woman engineering and never has been a woman engineering. When there have been women in STEM post on Feministing a lot of the the responses are “I used to really like Math and science so I have an opinion.” Well that isn’t good enough. The community that is built from academia to industry is really very unique and if you didn’t live you, I am sorry but you really don’t know it. I wish I didn’t have to say the old tired “My lived experience” speech but sadly there we are.

Okay, so on to the point of this post. So you want more women to be engineers but you yourself chose not to be a women engineer. Let me suggest that you 1) Acknowledge that you are speaking as an outsider to this group 2) link to women engineers talking about outreach (there are lots) 3) Pose questions before you propose solutions.

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