My name is Marilyn, I'm 25, and I'm about halfway through finishing my bachelor's degree. I live in the Pacific Northwest, in the US, and I want to go to nursing school and join the Peace Corps, not necessarily in that order.

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Money Can’t Buy Happiness

Cross-posted at Blueberry Shake.

What is class? According to Wikipedia, the different levels of class in the US are upper, upper middle, upper lower, working and lower. But as I am sure many people know, class has a lot more to do than with how much money you make. Your age, ability, how you look and where you live are important factors in deciding your social class.

Financially, I’m pretty sure I’m part of the lower class. (My tiny paychecks have dreams of growing up and becoming grown-up paychecks!) And the poor are divided into two parts – good poor and bad poor. Good Poor are poor people who don’t like being poor, and make attempts to climb up the social ladder. They make a lot of effort to dress nice and make their homes nice. They are also usually properly grateful to charitable organizations, and have an almost reverent attitude toward wealthy people. Good Poor do not like taking “handouts.” Good Poor attempt to enhance their image by cute little sayings, like my favorite one – “Money can’t buy happiness.” I think that’s official Good Poor speak. Because money not only buys happiness, it buys time, health and entertainment. Money can be the tipping point between life and death. Money can buy children. Money can keep your marriage stable, or prevent a parent-child relationship from breaking. Money can buy heat and air conditioning. Money buys transportation ...

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