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Marquette University implies support for Campus SaVE Act (S. 834)

Marquette University implies support for Campus SaVE Act (S. 834)

In the past, Marquette responded to sexual violence on campus in accordance with the student conduct code. Now, Marquette understands a college campus is not a sovereign nation.

In the news: Marquette revises sexual assault policies

“The university has publicly acknowledged that we made mistakes in dealing with these incidents.  We worked quickly and proactively to correct those procedures, both to be sensitive to victims and to comply with Wisconsin state law,” [Marquette University President Father Robert A. Wild] said in a statement.  “We now refer any reported incident of sexual assault to the Sensitive Crimes Unit of the Milwaukee Police Department.  We have also added a victim advocate to the staff of our Student Health Service and have more tightly restricted who on campus has access to reports from the Department of Public Safety.”

The announcements come in the wake of the first public comments Wednesday from a former Marquette student who said the university dismissed her allegation that she was sexually assaulted in February by a student athlete.

Two women accused student athletes of sexual assault during the last school year at Marquette’s Humphrey Hall – one during an incident Oct. 30 and another Feb. 27. Student athletes who were involved in the two cases were disciplined under the student conduct code as well as ...