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Dear Non-Voters

Dear Non-Voters
This years presidential election has come to be known as one of the most historical and important races of our time. But many people are still not going to vote. Some will not vote because they simply don’t care enough, others don’t believe the candidates are right for them. How privileged they must be not to care, not to truly understand the impact a McCain presidency would have on our country. Its not always about the perfect candidate, it is not always about having exactly what you want. If people thought more about their country as a whole and less of themselves, then perhaps they would be inspired enough to cast their ballots. Your vote DOES count and it WILL hurt if you don’t cast it. It is the least you can do. And what about all the other elected officials and other initiatives on your ballot? They are just as important, if not more, because they effect you locally. Please, exercise your right to vote. It matters. It is not about Obama. It is about a better future for our country, because if McCain wins you can guarantee a continued downward spiral from where we are now. If my father, the businessman, the “redneck,” the guy who NEVER votes, can take the time to cast his ballot, then so can you.
Vote affirmatively for Obama.

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