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I like Pink, and I’m a boy. Is that normal?

For my homework I am to make an Information Poster for High school students in Calgary, Alberta. I know that in high school a lot of people have trouble identifying to their gender (as our lovely fair society has defined for us…).

As well people get a lot of slack and harassment if they don’t exactly fit their gender’s role. I would really like to have my poster make people aware the difference between sex (naughty bits you were born with)  and gender (how you identify your self), maybe even going as far as explain Dysphoria.

My teacher approves of the direction I am going but I need more than just an awareness goal. I need an action. Does any one know of a program or organization that helps with what I am going for?

For example = If my topic was iron deficiency, my action would be to take a pill, etc.

Just comment with a website, advice, personal stories etc.

Definition: Dysphoria – a discomfort with one’s birth gender or a general unhappiness with the role which one’s birth gender imposes.

Thank you!!