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Feministing at 10: The media has become our feminist playground, so let’s play (to win)

Ed. note: In celebration of Feministing’s 10-year anniversary, current and former members of the Feministing crew will be offering their reflections on the changes of the last decade. Next up is Feministing co-founder Vanessa Valenti on online media-making. Read the whole series here. And consider giving us a birthday donation to ensure we’re around for another 10 years!

When it comes to the media, we’re at an unprecedented time in history.

While we’re all so busy tweeting, posting, and consuming tons of information every day, it’s easy to forget just how much media has changed over the last decade. Ten years ago, blogs had just started to garner attention, but for the most part, the mainstream media was your news source. The relationship between readers and the media was very top-down; the media disseminated the news, and the public consumed it. And naturally, in result, whatever the media said largely shaped public opinion. (Problematic much?)

But over the course of the following years, the rise of blogs changed the meaning of media in a significant way. That top-down relationship became lateral. Readers became writers. News publications incorporated comments sections into their websites. The Internet essentially democratized the media, creating a massive dialogue between millions of individuals, sharing their thoughts on the world, and how it ought to be.

Feministing was lucky enough to be a part of this shift. One of the first moments that we began to recognize our influence was in 2007, when ...

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