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Ohio Rape: One of Alleged Rapists Lawyers is Blaming The Victim

This disgusting statement made by one of the alleged Ohio rapists lawyers was posted last week on CNN:

At an October hearing, attorney Walter Madison, who is representing Richmond, raised questions about the alleged victim’s actions that night, according to CNN affiliate WTOV.

The 16-year-old victim, whose name has been publicly withheld, is not only going through an incredibly traumatic and horrifying healing process, but has been accused of acting promiscuously, leading one of her alleged rapists lawyers in essentially rewording what he sees as a teenage girl who was really just asking to be raped. Sound familiar?

All too many times the victims of rape are blamed — while the rapists — released from taking any responsibility. Yes, it’s likely most victims who are raped have no witnesses — it’s usually just the victim(s) and the rapist(s), so evidence is not always easily obtainable. Despite this fact, letting as many rape cases go as we do in this country, as well as all over the world, is no excuse. And in an all too many of such cases, the victims “actions” are said to be the antecedent that leads to the rape — not the coercion or force that is so frequently utilized.

Many of you have already hopefully heard about this malicious event. The story is of two high school football players accused of allegedly assaulting a teenage girl at several different parties; they themselves took the girl to the various locations without her consent ...