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Finding feminists abroad

I’m a long-time reader but have never posted here before.  I  have a question for the commenters: I am going to be traveling to the Philippines this summer, and I would love to meet up with some feminists/women’s rights activists while I’m there and interview them for an oral history project i’m working on.

What’s the best way to find women who might be willing to speak to me?  I’ve been talking to a variety of women’s rights organizations, and trying to use my social network and connections to the Philippines, but I feel like there must be other ways that I haven’t thought of yet.

Also, does anybody have personal experiences or advice on how to travel through “third-world” countries and ask about women’s rights issues without falling into an imperializing/colonializing/patronizing pattern of behavior?  I feel like just being aware of a history of colonialism isn’t enough…