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Ghosts of general assembly past provide opportunity for redemption

On January 17th, the Virginia Senate’s Education and Health Committee will revisit the issues of mandatory ultrasound and targeted regulations of abortion providers, when bills seeking their removal are considered.  In short, the contested debate over reproductive rights that threw Virginia into the national spotlight (on both news and comedy channels) is set to be had anew.  However, this time, there is hope for change.

The General Assembly is in a position to deliver Virginia from its status as a bastion of government overreach into the personal lives of its citizenry.  It has the power to change our state from one that chooses political pandering to one that relies upon sound legal and medical reasoning.  It can decide whether we are a society that encourages responsible behavior yet exercises compassion when painful decisions are confronted.

To do so may require the General Assembly to correct the wrongs of the past.  However, failure to act would only perpetuate these wrongs, with its own constituents bearing the consequences. 

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