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Violence Against Women in TV raised over 100 percent to 400 percent

This was actually a quite decent report on yahoo to my surprise (but not surprised it didn’t make the "over exposed celebrity teens" on the top five highlighted articles of the day…).

I laughed at the end where he says "It’s the parents fault" and saying its just some "way to fit their own ideas". We’ll, usually I would agree but how is wanting to lessen the image of violence against women and young girls an "idea". I’m sure if it concerned the violence against "blacks" or whatever color, the president would say "We have grown as a society to know not to take THAT seriously, but we will make steps to improve that image." (Bullshit usually) Interesting the president didn’t even try to fluff it, he just plain out said "Psh, no I want my ratings and I don’t care if your kid happens to be watching a show that depicts violence against women, who cares" sort of thing. The reporter also pointed out Fox being the main offender. Ha.

I’m sort of iffy that the reporter may have left out some key quotes as usual, as well as the two sources being male. What about the women in the media–I’m sure SHE has something to say about it on either side. No no, let a guy answer he’s the boss.

Don’t be mistaken, I am against most censorship, but where is the line now a days?

What could be done about this?

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