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Fun and Games With NOM: In Support of New York Marriage Equality

Earlier today, I was watching an embedded Youtube trailer for a movie coming out this summer on a Feministing post, when the following Google ad popped up on the bottom of my video: “NY – Protect Marriage: Act Now to Protect Traditional Marriage. Contact Your State Senator.”

Now, let’s disregard for a second the colossal algorithmic error that led Google to believe that I am the target audience for this advertisement. There was no mistaking its ugly existence on my screen.

I could have easily just X-ed it out and continued watching my movie trailer. But instead, I decided to have some fun with the National Organization for (Heterosexual, and Heterosexual Only) Marriage.

I clicked on their link, which lead me to a window inviting me to send (just as I’d hoped!) a pre-written but customizable email whose gist was, “don’t mess with traditional (read: exclusionary/heteronormative) marriage.”