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7 Sensational Things Marilyn Monroe Can Teach Us about Feminism

“She wasn’t a feminist, but she can teach us about feminism.”

I did Pilates under Marilyn Monroe’s white billowy skirt. That doesn’t sound right. But I did exercise beneath her 26-foot-tall, 34,000-pound statue in Palm Springs during a free class in the park. (Should I have moved my mat to honor her memory?) This week, the statue is moving and we mark the anniversary of the premiere of “Some Like it Hot.” During Women’s History Month, let’s learn from the famous MM about being strong women.

Years ago, as a copywriter at CBS, I wrote about Marilyn and her movies. I was haunted by her. She still casts a large shadow. For me. And apparently for many others. The 1950’s bombshell remains one of the top ten earning dead celebrities, according to Forbes. But more than a pop-culture phenomenon and hot skirt, she was sexy savvy. She’d be right at home as a sexy feminist nowadays, during this age of girl power and sex-positivity.

Yes, she was a tragic, tormented woman. But Marilyn can teach us more than how exuding sexuality can make a guy hot. She wasn’t a feminist, but she can teach us about feminism:

1. Own your power. Marilyn said, “As soon as I could afford an evening gown I bought the loudest one I could find. It was a bright red low-cut dress, and my arrival in it usually infuriated half the women present. I was sorry in a way to do this, but I had a long way to ...