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The Social Network: Because We Love to Watch Nerds Love Themselves All Over.

Sorry y’all, but I think this film deserves way more criticism than it’s getting. So I’m posting on “The Social Network” even though it’s already been covered – bear with me.

There’s nothing like having a movie come out and seeing it hailed as the film that captures the essence of a generation. And then there’s nothing like watching Baby Boomers and Gen Xers stumble over themselves to show how much they “get it.” Well, they don’t get it. Because, according to “The Social Network,” success is a function of one’s assholeness times the amount one drinks times one’s net worth. Oh and it also appears that, as a woman, I need to strip down and gyrate cause that’s the only role I have in the intellectual/technological/business world.

Spoiler alert. But not too much —  this film has no plot to begin with.