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What kind of psychopathic little assholes post rape pictures on Facebook?

By Dominique Millette


As of now, the news has been splashed all over Canadian media, and I’m feeling sick just thinking about it. It’s hard to read and very hard to discuss, but holy fuck, what the hell is going on with teenage boys in our world?

A 16-year-old girl British Columbia girl was drugged and gang-raped at a weekend rave. Police say her attackers were both minors and adults.

It gets worse (as if the gang rape wasn’t enough): a 16-year-old boy posted photos of the assault to Facebook. They went viral and have spread across cyberspace. Police have stated they will prosecute anyone pinpointed as responsible for distributing these photos with child pornography, but have not been able to have them all taken down.

Referring to the victim, another teenage boy interviewed on camera by a national news network said “I don’t think she was raped.”

What the hell created these little psychopaths?

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