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A train, a living room, and why I’m fighting

Scene I: Five American students who are studying abroad in Europe are on a train back from a festival. The ride is pretty long, so they exchange stories to pass the time. Four are math majors, one is an English major. The English major K* is particularly excited by the storytelling, and is the most frequent contributor. She calls her first story her “stalker story” (“Everyone has a stalker story.”). She talks about a disturbed boy at her school who was put into a mental hospital after intentionally flooding an entire dorm, but was released and returned to campus. This boy had developed an obsession with her, secretly videotaping her conversations with friends and posting these on YouTube, alongside his own masturbatory fantasies and rants. He slept outside her door and once came into her room covered in blood after intentionally smashing his head on a water fountain. After he forced her into his room and threatened to kill her, she went to her campus security for help.

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