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Choose Death: Mikki Kendall, Jill Stanek, and What Pro-Life Really Means

Feminists familiar with the intersectionality of oppressive -isms probably know about Mikki Kendall, a.k.a. Karnythia. She blogs over at The Angry Black Woman, and Feministing linked to her blog discussing how feminists aren’t immune from engaging in -isms during the 2008 election.

But there’s a new reason her name should be recognizable to all of us. In the last two months, Kendall has emerged as the face of abortion, and the nemesis to one-time nurse and conspiracy theorist whistleblower and anti-choice zealot Jill Stanek.

So, here’s the background.

On May 26, Salon published “Abortion saved my life,” where Kendall discusses how a placental abruption at 20 weeks into her pregnancy almost killed her and necessitated an abortion. But what makes Kendall’s account so harrowing is that doctors on-call refused to perform the procedure so that she lay bleeding to death until a nurse risked her own job to alert another doctor to come remove the fetus. Kendall survived, but just barely.

The story caught the eye of Stanek. Shortly after Salon ran the piece, Stanek left a comment and then began utilizing other mediums to vocalize her doubt of Kendall’s experience.

Stanek hasn’t stopped there, instead taking every opportunity to call Kendall a liar. It’s an odd accusation for Stanek to make, given that she and the truth aren’t exactly old friends, and it’s also interesting to note that part of why Stanek continues to deny Kendall’s experience is her refusal to ...

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