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White House petition asks that women be required to register for Selective Service

My feminist writing persona, whose name is Sylvia D. Lucas, exists only because I had already tried creating a slot for my real name, Kristen Tsetsi, in the world of fiction. They say you’re supposed to brand yourself, and the two didn’t necessarily mesh. But now,  as a professional newspaper writer using my real name, and as someone who plans to write a very feminist column for that paper, the two names are merging.

The subject of the column was going to be women and the draft. Rather, that the draft has no impact on women whatsoever (unless you count how they’ll feel about losing their menfolk). Once I started thinking about how the Selective Service registry doesn’t require women to sign up, it started to bother me. I couldn’t get the unjustness of it out of my mind. So I created a petition asking that women be required to register for Selective Service.

In an effort to emphasize that I don’t consider this a small issue, I enlisted the help of a feminist blogger, incidentally one of the first to sign the petition, and one of the ways she’s helping me is by using the following interview as the foundation for an upcoming blog post. I thought about writing a blog-blog, an essay, here, but in a way, the interview is an essay; it’s just in a Q&A format. 

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