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Abuse through the laws meant to protect?

A few months ago, I had someone accuse me of stalking. We were both students at a small school; we lived in the same dorm. We had been part of the same circle of friends. He had the campus police order me to not contact him and had the actual police call and threaten to arrest me. The phone call to the police happened after he found out I had told some other people about his behavior. In both cases I complained that this system was being used to harass me, to no effect.

He presented proof consisting of ambiguous text messages which were interpreted as threats, and evidence that I had been following him around (all of which were activities our group as a whole was involved in). He further attempted to use my mental health problems and the fact that I had taken a year of medical leave from school as proof that I was dangerous and unstable. All of this was taken at face value, and I was actively prevented from attempting to find out any more information that would provide counter-evidence. Some of my friends were advised to avoid me lest they also get into trouble. He was allowed to post explicitly false defamatory statements about me, while I was informed that any public statement about the order or events would result in further trouble.

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