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Boobs…the you that is not you.

They Came with My Body – RH Reality Check (and Alternet)

As the author notes, this isn’t an attempt to say "boo hoo, I have big boobs." But, I am always thrilled to see my shared experience in print. I recently discovered that I am a 30G (damn you Oprah, you were right I was wearing the wrong size) thanks to the amazing UK chain Bravissimo. And even at 29, and much happier with my body than ever, I was sick to my stomach.

Perhaps, it is because the shared high school experience sounds so familiar, or maybe the fact that I will never be able to wear a button up shirt "modestly." And it pains me that young women have to experience this every day. I hope that all of the teachers mentioned in the article have since been fired.

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