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A helping hand to dumb victim blamers

Trigger Warning: Sexual assault, rape apologism, victim blaming, stupid people

When it comes to the topic of rape, some people (the ones who would really very much like to NOT talk about rape at all) like to say that “everyone knows that rape is wrong.” These are the people who are obviously not familiar with “reality” and are “running around with their heads buried firmly in their collective shit-filled buttholes.”

What these people don’t seem to realize, understand, and/or are actively trying to ignore is that plenty of people think that many kinds of rape are just fine, evidenced by the constant slut shaming and victim blaming. One such example (one of a JET POWERED FUCK TON of examples) comes from a woman in the UK whose roommate wandered into her room in the middle of the night, whilst she was sleeping, and raped her. When she tried to take the case to court, they let her know that they wouldn’t be taking it because:

The jury would have to be told as part of your evidence that the defendant had both entered your room and that you had shared a bed with him … we would then struggle to convict the defendant of rape unless there was extremely strong evidence that you then withdrew your consent. Some examples of evidence that a jury might find convincing would be injuries, cries for help, evidence of some form of struggle between you.

Which leads me into ...

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